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Commercial Combi Ovens

Largest selection of commercial Combi Ovens Perth has to offer. Combination ovens function exactly as stated on the box, they offer a combination of different cooking methods, making them a versatile appliance for a large commercial kitchen. The three cooking methods offered by a combi oven include steam, convection or a combination of both. A new combi oven can offer many benefits:

  • One new oven can replace your current convection oven and steamer. This helps to reduce clutter in the kitchen and can be a cheaper alternative than buying two separate ovens.

  • Highly accurate controls and settings allow for meals to be cooked with extreme precision, time-after-time.

Cooking methods:

  • Steam: perfect for steaming and poaching foods like veggies and fish.

  • Convection: produces a dry heat that is ideal for baking, roasting or frying. Pizzas, roast potatoes and chips are best cooked in convection mode.

  • Combination: perfect for braising and stewing meats as well as baking bread.

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