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Takeaway Containers

Takeaway containers are essential for any hospitality service wanting to offer takeaway food. Our diverse range of plastic, cardboard and foam containers allow every need and requirement to be catered for. Our range includes traditional plastic containers all the way through to the latest environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging solutions.

  • Snack Boxes & Clams: Perfect for burgers and other hot meals that don't have too many juices or a lot of moisture. The lid means these can be used for delivery purposes.
  • Disposable Trays: Ideally suited to takeaway meals that won't need to travel any great distances. These disposable trays can be used in place of a normal plate.
  • Plastic Containers: The traditional vessel for serving takeaway meals. Available in a range of different sizes and shapes.
  • Foil Containers: Perfect for hot and wet meals, these containers can be placed in the oven to keep food warm.
  • Natural Fibre Containers: Available in a wide range of different sizes and shapes, these containers are environmentally friendly and perfect for serving big main meals.

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