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Cocktail & Specialty Glasses

Cocktail culture in Perth has exploded as has the demand for stylish and unique cocktail glasses. We have a wide range of cocktail glass styles from cut glass tumblers to stemed glasses. So whether your cocktail of choice is a martini, margarita, whiskey sour or mojito you will find the perfect glass in our range.  

Cocktail glass styles:

  • Martini glasses have been made famous by a certain British spy and his preference for his drinks to be shaken, not stirred. As the name suggests, these glasses are primarily used for serving martinis. The conical shape of the glass helps to stop the drink from separating and ruining the flavour. The elegant stem also helps to keep the drink at the optimum temperature.
  • Hi-ball and longdrink glasses are amongst the most popular glasses in modern venues thanks to their versatility. Perfect for tall drinks that use other liquids like mixer or juice, cocktails served in hi-ball glasses often have ice added to keep the beverage cool.
  • Rock glass & short tumblers are the most common vessel for serving spirits, no matter whether they are drunk neat or on the rocks. The shape of the ice cube has a huge influence on the drinks temperature so needs to be considered when buying your glasses.

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